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On March 2nd the LSW conducted the annual inspection on our beloved 23.  Col. Hunton oversaw the work and Col. Page lent a hand with Cols Thomas, Curry, and Talley assisting.  Two days were blocked out to accomplish the inspection, but owing to the steady work on various squawks over the past few months, 23 passed the annual on the first day.  A new ELT was needed, but this was not a surprise and fits nicely with the desire to upgrade to the more recent 406 mhz designs.  23 is a WWII biplane and as such will always have minor pop-up maintenance items.  This being the case, the LSW is always interested in more members helping out with maintenance.  There is a process to join our maintenance team.  If you are interested in "twisting a wrench" on 23, please attend a meeting and we will answer your questions and walk around the airplane.  We'd love to have you (remember, new members get a ride in the bird after joining up!).  Our next meeting will be March 16th, 2019 at 10am at the LSW hangar.  Check the front page of this website for location information.

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