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By Jimmy Page
Monday, February 10, 2020

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Membership in charitable organizations is struggling across the board right now. Younger generations are connected to their passions via means other than the typical monthly meeting model. The internet provides a way for them to organize around their preferred cause without the need to physically meet. These passions are often different than the typical subject matter of "older" organizations. Music, art, gaming, politics, community development, and myriad other causes can all be accomplished almost entirely online. This phenomenon creates a challenge for our organization.

Yet, our mission stands as important as it has ever been. Our work needs as many passionate volunteers as it has ever needed.

We love new folks coming out to the hangar to visit. We will meet you with a welcome and a hearty handshake. These are things you can't experience in an online forum or on a Facebook page. From the beginning the CAF has sought to drop the rope and allow physical contact with the artifacts of history we steward. In that light, the physical meeting and fellowship that occur are an important part of our fun. Yes, fun. While it may be possible to pursue the passion of aviation history entirely online through research, discussion, and even relationship, we believe it's better to experience those things in person.

In that light we want to emphasize how much we'd love to see you at our next meeting on Saturday, February 15th. Come and meet us. We'll show you the hangar and the airplane. We'll also (hopefully) show you that coming to hang out in person is so much better than living out your passion entirely online.

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-The Lone Star Wing

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