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By Jimmy Page
Monday, October 14, 2019

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On Saturday, October 12th, James Hulsey, a freshly minted CAF Colonel and holder of a hot-off-the-presses PT-13/PT-17 transition letter, started his Stearman training in 23!  Col. Page is the instructor and reports that James is a gifted pilot and took to the Stearman immediately.  They accomplished 3 hours of the required 15 hours of flight time including 20 landings and takeoffs and a short trip to Longview from Marshall to do some touch and goes there and grab some fuel.  As you can see by the photo accompanying this post, Col. Hulsey is pretty stoked about his first few hours at the controls.  The Lone Star Wing is excited to welcome James to our ranks.  He's doing excellent and we look forward to his accomplishing the required training and getting his pilot letter!  If you would like to fly with us, you can get checked out.  There are requirements to meet and hoops to jump through, but as James would probably say, "It's totally worth it!"  For more information click this link: Get Checked Out!

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