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The Lone Star Wing attended the Spring 2019 Critter's Lodge Fly-in on April 27th to April 28th.  This excellent fly-in is hosted by Wendell Dillard and it was an EXCELLENT experience.  The Stearman gave rides on the 27th and the LSW crew shared many great conversations with folks in attendance.  This fly-in was an amazing opportunity to share living history.  Many of the attendees of this fly-in were former NASA employees, there was a pilot who did "high altitude reconnasiance", another pilot was a retired movie stuntman, and many others shared their stories of living history.  It was a great time for the young LSW family members to learn about what was accomplished by the generations going before them.  The LSW was able to share flying the Stearman with a few folks including a couple of young pilots on their way to a career in aviation.  As always, a flight in the Stearman was especially significant to this budding aviators and the LSW was honored to share the experience.  If you are reading this and can attend a future event and purchase a ride for an aspiring aviator (our calendar is found here: LSW Calendar on Facebook) or if you are near Marshall, TX and want to purchase a ride out of our home base, you will find it pays dividends beyond the cost and time.  We have seen it time and again, a ride in an old open cockpit biplane helps solidify a budding passion for aviation.  We can't wait to see you at our next event!

Link to event photo gallery: 2019 Critter's Lodge Fly-in

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