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By Jimmy Page
Thursday, February 13, 2020

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The Lonely Volunteer.

I am sure many of you have experienced the phenomenon of feeling like "the only one" who is stepping up to volunteer for a worthwhile endeavor.

I have.

Here's the truth, though. Often times we are alone because we aren't reaching out for help to those waiting in the wings and excited to pitch in.

Most people won't dive in if they don't feel welcome. Most people won't feel welcome to help if they aren't asked (and encouraged!).

True confession: Last year I was lamenting how much work I was doing on our airplane to one of my good friends and fellow members. He looked at me and said, "Jimmy, all you have to do is ASK and we'll be here!" That's when I realized, my lonesome "duty" wasn't duty at all. It was my fault I didn't have the help and comaraderie I needed.

So I decided to ask.

Guess what?

They stepped up. Big time. Now we have knocked out multiple projects on the airplane and are building a great team of maintainers. Everyone is excited to help out.

So learn the lesson I've learned...if you feel alone in your volunteer endeavors...maybe the problem is you haven't invited folks in to help you!

Col. Page

Lone Star Wing Ops Officer

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